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penned by NFL Super Bowl Live Online by Simon Hillupdated Capturing special situations with your Android blackberry is easy and involved. But sharing them with your friends in addition family online through web streaming via Gary and WiFi is very good. How to do it One method through this useful Google’s android app called Qik. Let me reveal our take on how the Qik Android app. glide of What is the product The Qik Android mobile application basically lets you use two things capture great or spontaneous moments of video using your Google’s android phone and share their moments live or all the time later with 1 your choose online.

Android Qik is one specific convenient and easy of sharing interesting displays that can happen the time, anywhere. Since your favorite Android phone is necessarily with you, the Qik Android app comes handy by letting someone save your video to assist you to an online video collection even before you do capturing the special scenarios. This Android app lets your entire family share videos you snagged with anyone you choose on either with a solitary family member, group related with friends, or broadcast this item to an entire free community. The app offers many adding options as well.

You can either promote your videos by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, on your blog, as a result of your own video collection on Qik or in a straight line to another mobile phone. What’s so good about most of the Qik Android app will be the fact that it lets us you share your reception live as you arrest an event while could happening or save it then and then share many time later at ones own own convenience. slide related Qik Android App Great Features There are calme reasons why you would probably love using the Qik Android app.

Each of these abilities are selfexplanatory so may refine just scan through record below Record mobile reception Video are saved by design Real time video internet Chat with friends that you stream your video tutorial Location sharing Share video footage privately Qik video posting about it via email, or unrestricted networks Qik video using via your Android phone Video archiving feature Presentations are synced on an individuals Facebook wall Live changes on your Twitter username and password Upload videos to Video hosting site’s Watch your videos after your Android phone also computer Offline video creating Upload and share video clip on microblogging sites this kind of as as Tumblr HD video media recording Multilingual support Android mobile phone phones supported Qikintouch conveying with your family Brigthcove and VMIX integration during making money with an individual’s videos technical support Classified ads slide of Qik Android mobile phone App New Features On the grounds that if those cool prime features are not enough, Qik recently rolled out a bunch of even more great prime features.

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